Church History


By Pastor Charlie

I used to come to this ole bar many years ago. Anyone who ever went to a horse event knew where the “blue barn” or the “Horseman’s Club” in Greenville was located. It was a bar, overlooking a covered arena. Over the years it has held buck outs, ropings, high school finals rodeos, barrel races and any kind of equine event you could think of. You could actually set inside the bar and watch the events.

This place had been on my mind a couple of years. The barn and club had been sold a couple of times and had not had an event in it for 6 or 7 years and it was currently up for sale again. That all changed in July of 2012 when I called my friend Chris Coble up and said “let’s go look at something”. Three weeks later, we are having service/core group meetings and had a contract on the property to purchase it at a fraction of the actual worth. Top Rail Cowboy Church had been born. Wow!!!

God had been using me for about 5 years as band leader at Ridin’ High Cowboy Church in Union Valley. I was very happy and blessed in that ministry but felt the call that He had something else in mind. So…. Here we go with a core group of 12 and with Bull Creek Cowboy Church sponsoring us, along with American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches, Hunt Baptist Assn, and Texas Baptist.

Shortly after that Walt and Theresa Birney approached me about having a benefit ranch rodeo for Junior Bullard, who has cancer. The arena that had been scheduled to hold the event had sold and was not open to the public any longer. God had a place for it though, Top Rail Cowboy Church. With everyone pitching in, repairs were done and preparations made. Ads were put in the paper and we even had a feature story on the front page. Bull Creek Chuckwagon Team provided a breakfast, that came with a message, and meals throughout the day. The family ranch rodeo drew 26 four person teams, one of which had to be a woman or a person under 18. About 500 people from the area came thru the arena and church that day.

The group had decided to use this event to launch into our first Sunday service. We had already had an arena sale a couple of weeks earlier that drew a lot of attention and let people know where were located. We left the old bar inside to serve coffee and snacks. With much anticipation and prayer our first Sunday service was held with 89 folks. Amen.

Gods word tells us that he clears the path for us as long as we are faithful. God uses US to carry out His mission. People like Roy Cotton and Charles Higgs from BGCT, Jim Gatliff from Hunt Baptist, Mike Morrow and Greg Horn from AFCC, Mike Moss from Bull Creek and the members that came in support, as well as Steve Bishop from Ridin High Cowboy Church and its members, this is how church plannings are successful. God working through us to clear the path for His works. Special thanks out to my Pastor Bob Ferguson and his wife Lynda whose Godly guidance directs me still today.

Hoof prints in the arena puts cowboys and cowgirls on their knees.

God Bless!

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